20 Animals You’ll See in Galapagos


What other reason is there to visit the Galapagos Islands if not to see the incredible diversity of wildlife that lives on this one-of-a-kind archipelago. Taylor and I went in search of tortoises, penguins, sea turtles, marine iguanas, blue-footed boobies and more, and frankly, they weren’t too hard to find.

In Galapagos, unique wildlife can be found behind seemingly every lava rock, cactus, reef or mangrove. Here’s a slideshow¬†of some of the best Galapagos wildlife photos we took on our trip in May 2016. If you go, you could see these animals and more! Click below to see the slideshow:

galapagos_wildlife01 galapagos_wildlife02 galapagos_wildlife03 galapagos_wildlife04 galapagos_wildlife05 galapagos_wildlife06 galapagos_wildlife07 galapagos_wildlife08 galapagos_wildlife09 galapagos_wildlife10 galapagos_wildlife11 galapagos_wildlife12 galapagos_wildlife13 galapagos_wildlife13a galapagos_wildlife14 galapagos_wildlife15 galapagos_wildlife16 galapagos_wildlife17 galapagos_wildlife18 galapagos_wildlife19 galapagos_wildlife20 galapagos_wildlife21 galapagos_wildlife22 galapagos_wildlife23 galapagos_wildlife24 galapagos_wildlife25 galapagos_wildlife26 galapagos_wildlife27 galapagos_wildlife28 galapagos_wildlife29 galapagos_wildlife30 galapagos_wildlife31 galapagos_wildlife32 galapagos_wildlife33
The tintoreras, or white-tipped sharks, sleep in big schools during the day among the narrow cracks in the volcanic rock. This guy was probably 6-7 feet long. Harmless, though, we were told.

Photo credits mostly to my wife Taylor. Also, a careful reminder: stay at least three feet away from all Galapagos wildlife. These are all unpredictable wild animals! The locals all seem to despise photographers because they can inadvertently cause harm to themselves and the animals trying to chase a shot. Hopefully this gallery shows you can get great shots while still respecting the delicate ecosystem.

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