Our Cactus Farm

Taylor and I are addicted to succulents. Our tiny porch hardly has room to sit anymore. Some of our interesting little plants have grown into legitimate monsters. Look at the growth in our “cactus farm” from April to September:

This wall is an old pallet we stole and turned into a vertical farm. The plants really seemed to like this one! Check out the burro’s tail about halfway up. The sempervivums on the bottom two rows went from dead to taking over. And the four potted plants are officially out of control.

These two stumps were plants that got to tall and we had to behead. However, we kept the stumps and new rosettes sprouted. After four months, they’ve pretty much fully recovered.

More comparisons after the jump!

There are three varieties of sedum in this planter, plus some leafy bulb things we tried to rescue in April. The rescue worked – they are devouring everything else.

We built this planter from some of our original succulents (the tall green and the blue in front). But the purple grapetopetalums (also original) are doing the best here! It’s amazing what a summer outside does for some house plants.

We didn’t have as much success on this wall. Another repurposed ┬ápallet, it was difficult to keep watered, even for succulents. Well, all except the top row. Holy. Shit. On the left, the tall echeveria is so big it can’t hold it’s own weight. For reference, it’s currently a bit bigger than my head. Also, the mother of thousands (center-right) may literally have 1,000 new plants growing on its leaves.

Basically it’s been a hot, wet summer.

We got some help from Succulents Simplified, especially on identifying different varieties, propagating, pest control, and seasonal care.

Now we just have to figure out how to get it all inside for the winter.

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