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PiPlanter is a self-monitoring plant growing robot powered by Raspberry Pi. The project is the brainchild of Devon Bray at EsoLogic, who generously provides the base code, schematic and instructions to create the system.

April 2016 update - new seeds, new irrigation system, new location! Read more.

My PiPlanter has a few updates and modifications to the original. My PiPlanter:

The PiPlanter is currently growing thyme, red basil, and Italian basil.

The program is written in Python, except for the PHP to generate the charts. Download my code here.

The Raspberry Pi utilizes Tweepy, apscheduler, youtube-uploader and pChart2.0.

Data is collected with one TMP36GT9Z-ND temperature sensor, one PDV-P9007-ND photocell and two homemade soil moisture sensors (instructions again provided by Devon here).

Graph of Week So Far: Moisture % - Blue, Light % - Yellow, - Red

— JG PiPlanter (@jg_piplanter) July 12, 2015

Follow my PiPlanter updates at @jg_piplanter!

Ambient Light: 74.0%, Air Temp: 76.0F, Average Soil Mst: 46.8%

— JG PiPlanter (@jg_piplanter) July 12, 2015

Thanks again to Devon Bray at EsoLogic, and to my wife Taylor for challenging me to such a cool project. Pesto for days!


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JG PiPlanter Setup

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